Distance learning

What advantages and disadvantages does distance learning have?

Distance learning as an alternative to attendance study?

Often it is said in the media, a distance learning is the perfect alternative to attendance study. But is that really true?

Advantages of distance learning

Of course, people who are already working full-time are of particular interest in a distance learning program. For them, distance learning offers a number of important benefits. It saves a lot of time because you can study from home and be more flexible in terms of time. Due to the spatial independence, neither relocations nor rental costs are incurred in a possibly expensive student city. The travel costs are kept within narrow limits.

In addition, most employers recognize a distance learning as well as a direct study, proving the student but ultimately that he is willing and disciplined enough to educate parallel to their professional life. In addition to pure qualification, these personal qualities are becoming more and more important for companies.

Disadvantages of distance learning

One of the disadvantages of distance learning is certainly that you do not really get in touch with fellow students or professors, with whom you could exchange and develop in personal conversations. The construction of learning groups is made much more difficult, so that you have to pay attention to the necessary learning effort. On the other hand, it is easier to be bearable that one can hardly establish private contacts and must forego “student life” on the spot. After all, you remain involved in your own local social environment.


Furthermore, some distance learning courses are not exactly cheap, so you should expect an average investment of about 300 – 500 euros per month. The exact amount of the price depends of course on the respective distance learning university. Those who can afford these costs and are disciplined enough to learn independently for around 15-20 hours a week can make an important step in their careers through distance learning.

Below we list some distance universities that are not too expensive. When choosing a location, be aware of the following: Even if it is a distance learning university, you need to be on site several times a year and should avoid choosing a university that is too far away. If this is already done and you are now bound there, in most cases you can do your business in a study center near you. Ask your distance learning university for more information.

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